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Thursday, March 08, 2012

Great Grey Owl; Hagalund; Uppland; 8th March 2012

Approaching the area I knew to be that where a Great Grey Owl I arrived early at 4pm., I was totally made up to see the bird immediately as t floated out of the forest and sat in a large oak. The was my first view of the bird which continued to work it's way towards me. I ran to find a couple of birder's to alert them..

The bird flying across the field giving a stunning view. Camera settings were not stunning in dull light..

Another flight shot of the bird from the same flight towards waht was now a group of three birder's!

The bird gave stunning views all evening, at one stage like this. It doesn't get a lot better than this, a Great Grey out in the open in front of you...

Close up. A totally stunning species this in every way..

The bird later in the evening as the light dropped, still showing well. After it was relocated we enjoyed stunning vies util 17.45pm.

News that a Great Grey Owl had been present two evenings in a row in Ekero Kommun in Uppland saw me make the long journey today, changing underground trains to get to Brommaplan, then taking the 312 bus for an hour and twenty five minutes to reach the site. The site was Hagalund and I decided to get off the bus some distance awawy to check out other areas, though nothing really seemed to be odd, with many common woodland species noted, the best of which was a Common Buzzard and a small flock of Waxwing. On then to the site where the owl had been seen from dusk feeding into darkness, so I was early really, at 4pm. As soon as I left the track and looked up the field I seen the beast, flying out of a group of trees and over the field to a large oak! I was delighted and watched it for a couple of minutes, alerting Nils Forselius and a Melcher Falkenburg who were close by. We all enjoyed stunning views over the next 20 minutes. The bird worked its way up the woodland verge, occasionally launcing hunting forays onto the ground where it made several attempts at prey. Then it simple flew straight towards us and perched on a narrow post in the open! At this stage I got some nice shots and video footage before the bird flew into cover and dissapeared.
 I was waiting in the field, a couple of birders had arrived and were keen to relocated the bird so they moved off. Then I saw Matts Anderson and Ulf Nilsson waving at me, they had located the owl on the other side of the woods. I moved over and got onto the bird, whilst we discusses the eagle, they were also positive of it's identity. We were then treated to another 35 minutes of superb views of Great Grey Owl, often out in the open, at one point hovering over the grass in front of us. Ulf and Matts then kindly offered a light back to Stockholm, many thanks! A wonderful evening was rounded off by the sight of three Moose feeding beside the road, a female and two fully grown young perhaps. A quite incredible below.


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