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Monday, July 11, 2011

Reptiles, Butterflies and Odanata; Cyprus; July 2011

 Starred Agama(Laudakla stellio cypriaca) A very common reptile around the Cape Greco area, some individuals were over a foot long...

  Starred Agama(Laudakla stellio cypriaca)

  Starred Agama(Laudakla stellio cypriaca)

 Spiny footed Lizard(Acanthodactylus schreiberi)

 Spiny footed Lizard(Acanthodactylus schreiberi)

 Snaked-eyed Lizard(Ophisops elegans)

Cyprus Meadow Brown(Maniola cypricola)

Painted Lady

Butterflies;Apart from bird a few new species were noted whilst in Cyprus last week. New butterfles included Lang's Short tailed Blue(Lepotes pirithous), which was very common along the seafront and around the hotel. Also on the coast were smaller numbers of Eastern Dappled White(Eucloe ausonia). Painted Lady were numerous as well as Cyprus Meadow Brown(Maniola cypricola), an endemic butterfly to the island, very common on the heaths abouve Cape Greco..

Odonata; Theses were not to common and only a few seen. The only species firmly identified was Southern Skimmer(Orthetrum brunneum), its blue faced appearance helping with ID in the field. No photos were managed unfortunatly...

Reptiles; Lots of lizards around Cape Greco, the commonest of which were Starred Agama's, photos posted above. Also noted were Spiny footed Lizard(Acanthodactylus schreiberi) as well as Snaked-eyed Lizard(Ophisops elegans)

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