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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Falsterbo; 28th September 2010

A sky full of Common Buzzards, an unforgetable experience...

A Red Kite, superb birds...

A low flying Common Buzzard. Variation in plumage is remarkable...

Red Kite circling overhead..

Migrating Barnacle Geese.

Red Kite

Migrating Cranes in formation, lots seen today...

A quite memorable days birding. Left the house before dawn to get to Nabben under clear skies, a good sign. Before I had even reachen Nabben I had seen more Common Buzzard than I had in the whole day yesterday! As the light strengthened it bacame apparent that Common Buzzard were on the move, kettles of bird appeared in the distance before funneling down the peninsula to where we waited, a great sight to behold. Sparrowhawks were constantly flying overhead, also migating strongly. After half an hour the first Red Kite was seen, then five more. A Marsh Harrier passed over, then another fifty Buzzard, then a Hen Harrier, a Short Eared Owl, so it went. Buzzard were passing by the hundred and incredibly my final tally was 1,846 birds!
There were other birds about whilst all this was happening. A glorius Avocet flew right past me early in the morning, not seen one of them for a while! All the regular migrants such as Tree Pipit, Chaffinch, Brambling, Song Thrush, Meadow Pipit and the like were passing over in small numbers, the majority no doubt using the wind and at high altitude in the northeasterly. Over 1,200 Blue Tit migrated from Nabbens tip, an amazing sight as they gather in the bushes at the tip, calling constantly before striking out over the sea in flocks of fifty of sixty strong. Another feature of the day was huge flocks of migrating Woodpigeon up to 400 strong, the first hour alone 5,300 birds passed over my head. All of this was going on at the same time and it really was a fantastic experience.
At noon I head for Kola backen as a lot of Red Kite were passing lower over the site and I wanted a few snaps. Just a few minutes after reaching the area I and three other birders saw a very distant eagle over the sea to the east being mobbed by a Hen Harrier, though the range was extreme and we could not identify the bird. As it happens an eagle seen from Nabben at the same time and seen to migate northeast was identified as a Greater Spotted Eagle. It is not inconceivable that this bird might try migrate again tomorrow...
Other birds on Kolabacken through the afternoon were interesting. Crane dominated, moving in large flocks to the southeast. Also noted were more than 50 Jay, migrating birds searhing for food. Word has it that acorns are rather scarce this year and there may well be an invasion of this species on the way. Also logged were 40 Woodlark, by far the most I have ever seen in a day, two others had been seen that morning at Nabben. Another nice observation were 8 Eurasion White Fronted Geese migrating to the northwest, have not seen too many previously. A Short Eared Owl, a male Marsh Harrier and 2 Hobby brought the day to a lovely end before I headed back to the observatory, where this time my bonus on arrival were 4 Grey Plover flying over the building calling! Selected Totals as follows;

1,846 Common Buzzard, 79 Red Kite, 436 Sparrowhawk, 4 Marsh Harrier, 5 Hen Harrier, 4 Hobby, 1 Eagle Sp., 2 White Tailed Eagle, 2 Short Eared Owl, 14,367 Woodpigeon, 258 Common Crane, 35 Jackdaw, 1 Avocet, 4 Grey Plover, 96 Knot, 354 Barnacle Goos, 8 Eurasion White Fronted Goose, 52 Jay, 42 Woodlark, 1 Black Woodpecker, 43 Common Crossbill.

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